Premium Relay

Premium SMTP relays for high deliverability

What are the main advantages of using Premium Relay?
  • Carefully vetted IPs with excellent reputation.
  • Ensure near 100% deliverability to all major providers and ESPs through MailWish’s multi-relay system which resends hard rejects.
  • Powerful anti-spam and anti-virus outbound filtering to maintain IP reputation.
How do I sign up for Premium Relay?
  • Enterprise email – have Premium relay by default (free of charge).
Are there any restrictions on the use or sending limits for Premium Relay?

Yes, to protect the infrastructure (from spammers, compromised users, runaway scripts, etc.) and to provide optimum service at all times.

Restrictions on use: Transmitting bulk emails or commercial emails including marketing emails and newsletters.

Since MailWish provides unlimited users & domains with all plans, there is no single upper limit for sending but instead a per-user and per-domain sending limit applied daily, hourly and per minute.

Sending limit for Premium Relay
  • Daily: Per domain = 5000 ; Per user = 400
  • Hourly: Per domain = 1000 ; Per user = 100
  • Minute: Per domain = 200 ; Per user = 20

This not mean if you sending 50,000k emails, you will be rejected, our smart system will delay emails and send them once the delay is over.

This is the total number of messages (recipients) you can send to per-day / per-hour / per-minute. Each message can have up to a maximum of 20 recipients, please note that each recipient is counted as a single message towards quota calculation. That is, 20 messages to 1 recipient each are counted as 20 messages, while 1 message to 20 recipients is also counted as 20 messages.